Over the past number of years we've had the pleasure of working with our clients on a number of different commercial and innovation activities. Here is a sample of the types of projects that we have worked on to date:
  • Magnet Technology - Mentoring, Business Plan and Funding
  • LED Light as a Service - Mentoring, Business Plan and Funding
  • Print as a Service - Business Concept Evaluation
  • Software - Business Restructuring, including running an examinership process
  • Brand Communications Portal - Business Plan, Funding and Lean Launch implementation
  • Mobile Telecommunications - Infrastructure Selection
  • Mobile Device Management - Business Sale
  • Mobile Applications - Business and Product Launch
  • Mobile Health - Business Launch
  • International Logistics Portal - Product Launch
  • Data Back-up & Restore - Strategy
  • Web Technology - Business and Product Launch
  • E-commerce - Business and Product Launch
  • Sustainability - Business and Product Launch
  • Web & Mobile - Branding, Websites, Apps
We have worked in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France and Spain.