Our service offering includes:
  • Business Planning & Strategy Consulting

    When engaging in strategy work with existing businesses, we immerse ourselves in our client’s business in order to fully understand their opportunities and their challenges. We retain however, an external objectivity that underlies our value driven approach and the insights we bring to our clients business. We help our clients to choose sustainable, winning strategies.

    • Business Opportunity Overview
    • Business Plan Creation/Adjustment
    • Enterprise Touch Points
    • Multipliers
    • Change Initiatives
    • Strategy Endorsement
    • Strategic Implementation Agent
    • Review and Renew
  • Business Launch

    Our client’s success is our success.

    For new businesses, we put their concepts to the test, both in theory and in practice. Our toolsets cover the basics of positioning, business case, implementation and launch often using the Lean Methodology. Most importantly, our interpretation of the data as it presents itself, along with our business experience, allows our clients to make wise choices.

    • Company Setup
    • Business Plan Formulation
    • Funding Strategies
    • Process Design and Implementations
    • Recruitment Planning
    • Project Management
    • Launch Planning
  • Product/Service Launch

    When launching a new product or service with our clients, we use a tried and tested approach.

    • Business Case Formulation
    • Use Case Formulation
    • Key Data/Analytics
    • Planning
    • Project Management
    • Launch Implementation
    • Rollout, Support, Maintenance
    • Review and Renew